We have developed various software applications and portals from simple ERP Solutions to complex Centralized Monitoring Software Platforms . A Strong Team of highly skilled developers, Tech Leads & Managers with a strong base in Dot Net and Cloud Technologies. Expertise with in-depth understanding of the concepts & technology are added with deliverable planning & execution timely. Working with various embedded hard wares & devices with their various protocols, FSI, API, SDK etc are our special skilled areas.

Mobile Phone has become an integral part of our lives. We provide the best of solutions for business to gain that momentum needed .Our Team of Expert Developers will create a Custom Mobile applications suited for your business. We provide both Android and iOS Development services.

Having 20+ years in the IT industry experience, Rax-Tech working with multiple clients to handle software services as required customized models like deploying semi-Skilled ,Skilled and highly skilled software resources for their onshore and offshore projects, Total project management services and Product development services etc.